Sides of Beef $4.25 per lb. (hung weight) Butchering
Wrapping Included
Quarters of Beef $4.75 per lb. (hung weight)
(50% hind quarter; 50% front quarter)
Rib Eye Steaks $13.50 per lb.
Striploin Steaks $13.50 per lb.
Tenderloin Whole or
$18.00 per lb.
Sirloin Steaks $9.50 per lb.
Cross Rib Roasts $8.00 per lb.
Lean Ground Beef

$50.00 per 10 lbs. -
8 packages

Sides and quarters of beef include a selection of
(2 steaks per package)
(4-5 lb size)
Ground Beef
(1.25 lb packages)
Sirloin Cross Rib  
Wing Sirloin  
Round Steak Rump  
T-Bone Steak Prime Rib Roast  


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